The program begins with visual colorful magic with background music. This magical artistry captures the attention and imagination of the audience. The show can be booked for birthdays, corporate functions, holiday parties, retirement celebrations, or any other occasion people gather for fun. There are a few optional "adult" tricks that can be included - ask Kevin for details.

From birthday parties for a handful of children to an auditorium filled with hundreds of students, Kevin's shows delight and entertain! A major part of any show is audience participation. There are several tricks where eager volunteers assist Kevin becoming part of the show.

A huge hit with the children's show is Trixie the magic rabbit. For small groups each child can come up and personally visit Trixie, the magic rabbit. Smiles, wide eyes and little dropped jaws magically appear on every face at an Abracadabra Magic show.

The close-up magic is another popular option where Kevin amazes his audiences with walk-around magic. This magic is even more baffling and entertaining because it involves direct participation with the spectators. Restaurants, cocktail parties, open houses, corporate events and tailgaters are just a few ways that Kevin uses his unique personalized magic to entertain. Depending upon the event, Kevin will wear either the traditional black tuxedo or the popular "Harry Anderson" look.