As reported by the South Bend Tribune
November 13, 2001
Harry Potter fans would love to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and take Transfiguration class from Professor McGonagall -- turning a mouse into a snuffbox, for example, with points taken away if the snuffbox has whiskers. -- but kids can pick up a little magic elsewhere.

They can bewitch their friends and befuddle their families with this snazzy bit of sorcery magician Kevin Wilson of South Bend. Here, Wilson (who has enchanted audiences with tricks since he was 12), demonstrates the mysterious linking of two paper clips.

The ingredients are few and easy to find around the house. They are: a dollar bill or piece of paper the size of a dollar bill, and two paper clips.

-- Nancy Johnson
A piece of paper and two paper clips. Fold the paper into thirds, making it into a Z shape. Call the sections 1, 2 and 3.
Clip together sections 1 and 2 near the fold between sections 2 and 3. The clip should be parallel to the fold. Clip together sections 2 and 3 near the opposite fold.
The trick is now ready to finish, but to distract and impress your audience, turn the paper over and over several times. Tell the audience you are giving it "magic flips." With the clips pointing down, grasp both ends of the paper and pull sharply. (Here is a good place to say "Abracadabra!") The paper will straighten and the clips will fly off -- magically linked.
Kids who want to expand their magic repertoire can consult these books:

"Spine Tingling Magic Tricks"
by David Knowles

"10 Awesome Card Tricks"
by John Railing

"The Big Box of Magic" - Magic Kit
by Peter Eldin

Hold up the linked clips and accept your applause.
I hope you enjoyed learning this trick. Tell your friends and don't forget to come back.
I 'll be showing more tricks in the future.